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About FOHO

For many years, we remained powerless and inactive, observing children and young people from 5 to 25, who travel 5-20 km by foot every day to reach their school, sick people and pregnant women in labor, being transported on donkeys’ backs, or on make-shift stretchers carried by two or four people to the closest health center that was hours from their home, young girls and boys abandoning their beautiful peasant environment to put themselves in sub-human conditions in the overcrowded shanty towns, endlessly increasing in population and size, surrounding the main cities like Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, Gonaives, Jacmel, Jeremie, Hinche, etc. trying desperately to escape the extreme poverty that is a menace, and cherishing the dream of a miraculous windfall of money and better life. Deprivation and abandonment of our fellow countrymen can be observed everywhere.

Very soon after their arrival in the great metropolitan areas, these children will have to face the hard reality, and gradually their beautiful dream will become a nightmare. Once their dreams vanish, they will have to consent to sacrifice morality and ethics and sink systematically into prostitution, corruption, and many other degraded inhuman practices in order to survive.

Through the years, they become a great menace for the entire society. They will be used by corrupt politicians for staged protests, drug selling, rioting, assassinations, and threatening hard-working citizens in order to sway their opinions. And the more in need these children are, the more they will be abused.

Because we are convinced that it is always better to light a candle than to criticize and condemn the darkness, we, as sons and daughters in love with Haiti, decided to create FOHO (Future of Haiti Organization) as an alternative, a new chance of survival that we are proud to present to our brothers and sisters. We give children the chance to have a high-quality basic education, a high level of professional education (such as electrician, plumber, carpentry, etc.) to permit them to provide for their needs and their family’s needs, and to contribute to the quality of life in their region, and to the entire society.

We dare say that the darkness over this country came from the lack of opportunity offered to a population that has had to find its way by itself, suffering from indifference from the society.

Time for Change – Future of Haiti Organization

In January of 2000, Claude Reginald (“Reggie”) Jean, who had been involved in many humanitarian activities with members of his family, decided to assemble a group of ethical young people, and officially launch FOHO to address all the problems he observed in Haiti. FOHO activities include reforestation, distribution of tools, seeds and fertilizer for planting crops, soil conservation, protection of the environment, providing education for those who cannot afford it, trade studies, life improvement seminars, seminars on administrative tools, supporting orphanages to provide shelter for orphans and kids living on the street, low-cost or free health centers, food distribution, a credit union and other community activities.

FOHO had supported hundreds of families and orphanages when on January 12, 2010, an earthquake devastated Haiti. Reggie Jean started an orphanage on his property not far from the international airport Toussaint L’Ouverture in Port-au-Prince, with the support of some volunteers who came to Haiti to help in the relief efforts. Because of the risk of flooding, Reggie decided to move his family to the United States and turn his large residence into an orphanage which he named the Future OF Haiti Orphanage (FOHO). The volunteers raised funds to manage FOHO, which had 130 kids and 15 personnel. The volunteers were not able to stay, and they left in July, along with the financial support. FOHO staff had to communicate with some international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) operating in Haiti to find support (food, clothing and medical assistance) for this activity. Unable to pay for the orphans to go to school, FOHO has founded its own school on its premises, called Institution Humanitaire FOHO. This provides education to the orphans and also below-poverty-level children in surrounding neighborhoods, from kindergarten up to high school.

We are working to make FOHO the world’s first self-sustaining orphanage. In June 2011 we installed a 120-chicken coop to guarantee some food for the children. We have an organic gardener who will be donating her services to plan and help plant an organic fruit and vegetable garden for the children soon. And we are currently raising funds to install an onsite bakery to bake our own bread, and also to bake bread and cookies to be sold.

Because of the difficulties encountered in Haiti, and the willingness of some people that we contacted in the U.S. to support our humanitarian activities, we decided to create GRODYSH Int’l, Inc. We incorporated in the state of Florida on January 1, 2011, and received IRS 501(c)(3) status and are an approved charitable organization. We have observed that poverty, orphans, illiteracy, etc. are concerns everywhere. So we envision a very powerful organization supported by many powerful people for the purpose of supporting not only Haiti, but other third-world countries.