It’s not too late.

Your donations are important and give the children of Haiti a chance at a new life.

We are counting on you for your support.

No matter the amount, a contribution can mean the difference between a child eating 3 meals a day or leaving him hungry.

You can make a difference. Make a donation and change a life.

Did you know that 78% percent of Haitians are poor and 54% live in extreme poverty?

Did you know that half of children under 5 are malnourished, and 7% of children die at birth?

Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before sixth grade, and 50% of primary school age children are not enrolled in school.

We can change these conditions. It starts by educating the children that something can be done differently. With knowledge, they can gain a sense of responsibility and the ability to control their futures.

A FOHO child needs $1 a day to eat 3 meals. By providing $30 a month, you are placing food on the table for a child, 3 times a day for a month.

For a FOHO child to go to school, it costs $1 per day as well. An additional $30/month will provide a month of schooling and important education for them to make it in the world.

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Donate To Our FOHO Projects

We are always creating and feuling many projects at FOHO. We believe that change is possible; but only if we stick together to do something about the condition of the world at large. Read more about our projects and find out how you can contribute to them.

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