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About Amossithaud and Adony C.

Amossithaud and Adony C. are twins. They were born on September 5th, 2007 at Belladere in mid-central Haiti to Dieunel and Lericia. Their parents suffered serious economic difficulties and could not support their children so they came to ask for our assistance. On September 28th, 2013 we welcomed them to the orphanage and they now attend our humanitarian school. They both have expressed an interest in becoming architects and want to design better homes for Haiti. We have great expectations for them and would love to have your support to ensure their education and success in life.

We would love for someone to sponsor both of them together.

Amossithaud et Adony C. sont Juneaux, ils ont vu le jour le 5 Septembre 2007 à Belladere, ils sont les fils de Dieunel et de Lericia. Ce sont des enfants en situation difficile qui vivaient avec leurs parents, vu le maigre revenu économique de ces deux, ils ont dû mettre les enfants à l’orphelinat LE FUTUR D’HAITI depuis le 28 Septembre 2013. Ils sont maintenant en 1ere Année à les Nounours Kindergarden de l’Institution Humanitaire Thêta. Ils rêvent tous deux de devenir Architectes afin d’aider à améliorer la beauté et la qualité de la construction en Haiti. Nous avons beaucoup de projets pour eux et vous invitons à bien vouloir contribuer à leur éducation et à leur succès.


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Goal: $120/mo, Remaining: $120/mo

Help Me Reach My Goal

With $30 USD per month Amossithaud and Adony C. can have nutritious meals. Food costs $1/day. With an additional $30, Amossithaud and Adony C. can go to school. Please help Amossithaud and Adony C. reach the goal of having $60/month so that they can go to school and have an education.

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