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About Christina P.

Christina P. was born on March 4, 2008 in Mirebalais.  She lived with her father.  Her mother is a sandals merchant.  She encountered difficulties in paying for Christina’s school.  Given the meager income of these two, they had to entrust their child to FOHO since 2016. Christina is now in 1st year in our humanitarian school (IHT) in FOHO. She dreams of becoming a nurse after her studies. She is a very intelligent little girl. We invite you to contribute to her education and her success.
Christina P. est née le 4 Mars 2008 à Mirebalais. Elle vivait avec son père. Sa mère est une marchande de sandalle. Elle rencontrait des difficultés pour payer l’écolage de Christina. Vu le maigre revenu économique de ces deux, ils ont dû confier l’enfant à FOHO depuis en 2016. Christina est maintenant en 1ère année dans notre école humanitaire (IHT) à FOHO. Elle reve de devenir infirmières apres ses études. C’est une petite fille tres intelligente. Nous vous invitons à contribuer à son éducation et à son succès.


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Goal: $60/mo, Remaining: $60/mo

Help Me Reach My Goal

With $30 USD per month Christina P. can have nutritious meals. Food costs $1/day. With an additional $30, Christina P. can go to school. Please help Christina P. reach the goal of having $60/month so that they can go to school and have an education.

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