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About Lovena M.

When you meet Lovena, you are immediately struck by her distinctive beauty and elegance. But don’t let her beauty and princess-like gestures deceive you. This 6th grader is extremely intelligent and will blow you away with her knowledge and desire for being an accountant. Lovena strongly believes she was sent to our humanitarian school ITH to make a difference. She loves playing with numbers and is the first to turn in a math test. Although she is visibly proud of her math genius, she does not shy away from helping her classmates. She enjoys tutoring her friends, just as much as learning a new mathematical concept.

Lovena is the sister of Daphna M and was born on October 9, 2001 in Grand Bois Conilion. She is the daughter of Tisson M and Jeanna S. She lived in very poor conditions with her parents. Because of their meager income, they decided to put her in The Future of Haiti Orphanage on May 22, 2013. Help Lovena become a leader for her generation and inspire her to become an entrepreneur in Haiti. This girl definitely has all the skills needed, backed up by a strong passion and desire to help her friends and family. Become part of this amazing girl’s life and help her reach her dreams. She will send you her unconditional love and we guarantee you will be able to witness her joy every step of the way.

Lovena a vu le jour le 9 Octobre 2001 à Grand Bois Cornillion. Elle est la fille de Tisson M et de Jeanna S. C’est une enfant en situation difficile qui vivait avec ses parents, vu le maigre revenu économique de ces deux, ils ont dû confier leur enfant à l’orphelinat LE FUTUR D’HAITI depuis le 22 Mai 2013.Elle est maintenant en 6ème Année Fondamentale à l’Institution Humanitaire Theta . Elle rêve de devenir comptable.


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