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About Pierre Richard N.

Pierre Richard N. was born on the 13th of August 2005. He comes from the town of Jeremie, located in the southern peninsula of Haiti and recently ravaged by the Hurricane Matthew. He lived with his father and his mother along with 5 other brothers and sisters. He fell greatly behind in school years because of lack of economic means. He was also suffering from malnutrition. His father is a farmer. Richard N. is in 1st fundamental year in our humanitarian institution at FOHO. He would like to become a mechanic after his studies.
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Pierre Richard N. est né le 13 Aout 2005, il vient de la localité de jeremie situé dans la peninsule sud d’Haiti recemment ravagée par la tempete Matthew. Il vivait avec son père et sa mère à coté de 5 autres frères et soeurs, cet enfant a déja perdu des années scolaires a cause de manque de moyen économique, il témoigne également que parfois on ne cuisinait pas, son père est un cultivateur. Richard N. est en 1ère année fondamentale dans notre institution humanitaire à FOHO, il aimerait devenir mécanicien apres ses études.


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Goal: $60/mo, Remaining: $60/mo

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With $30 USD per month Pierre Richard N. can have nutritious meals. Food costs $1/day. With an additional $30, Pierre Richard N. can go to school. Please help Pierre Richard N. reach the goal of having $60/month so that they can go to school and have an education.

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