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About Samantha C.

Samantha C. was born February 4 , 2007. She entered our Humanitarian school IHT in second grade since her mother, Venite F., facing economic stress, brought her and her little brother Gregory C. (born December 5, 2010) to FOHO, mostly motivated by the promise of education and regular nutrition. Gregory enrolled in 2nd year at Les Nounours, our kindergarten.
They joined us at FOHO October 14, 2015, where You will be able to help her achieve her dream of becoming an honest, ethical and productive citizen for her country, thanks to your sponsorship ($60 per month for food and education).

Samantha C est nee le 4 Fevrier 2007. Elle a integre notre ecole humanitaire IHT au niveau du 2eme annee Fondamentale depuis que sa mere, Venite F. faisant face a d’enorme difficultes econimiques les a amene elle et son petit frere Grogory C, ne le 5 Decembre 2010 a FOHO. Sa motivation premiere a ete de leur trouver un foyer ou ils auront une nourriture reguliere et saine et surtout une education de qualite. Gregory lui est en 2eme annee kindergarten a Les Nounours.
Ils nous rejoint le 14 Octobre 2015 et il vous revient de prendre l’engagement a les parrainer afin d’avoir une meilleure chance de realisation de leur reve de devenir d’honnetes, ethiques et productives citoyens pour leur pays. Merci de subventionner la nourriture et l’education d’un enfant pour $60/M



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Goal: $60/mo, Remaining: $60/mo

Help Me Reach My Goal

With $30 USD per month Samantha C. can have nutritious meals. Food costs $1/day. With an additional $30, Samantha C. can go to school. Please help Samantha C. reach the goal of having $60/month so that they can go to school and have an education.

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