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Humanitarian School

Our onsite humanitarian school is providing quality education for both the children at The Future Of Haiti Orphanage, and also for below-poverty-level children from surrounding neighborhoods.  We also provide one hot meal per day to all students when available.  We  provide education from kindergarten up to high school level, and provide funding for high school education to those who require it.

Upon completion of high school, our children are taught a trade or profession, so that they can not only be independent, but can also create opportunities for others in their country.  We teach the “3 R’s” and also provide training on ethics and morals to encourage the children to become responsible citizens who will contribute to and improve their country.  The children are also learning how to garden and grow trees, to help reforest Haiti.  Our children also do community service projects such as street and public space cleaning.

Recently 45 of our students took their National Exams to continue onto the next highest level of education, and all the children from the orphanage passed!  This is in spite of  being schooled outside in temporary shelters, exposed to the elements.

We have just begun laying the foundation for our new, permanent school building.  It will accommodate 500 students at a time, and will be available after school hours to anyone who wants to receive a high-quality education.  Computers will allow anyone to access education online after hours.  This is a lofty project, estimated at $500K, and your help is needed.  Phase I is to complete the first four classrooms, which will house the oldest students and trades education.  Donations are tax-deductible and can be mailed or donated at .

Here are the engineer’s renderings for our new school, which will be built soon to accommodate our students:

 SchoolBlueprint3DIHT SchoolBlueprintFrontIHT

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Goal: $500,000
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