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Manba (Peanut Butter)

An inexpensive, great form of nourishment, rich in protein, is peanut butter. Our friend, expert in sustainable agriculture, has suggested to us to create our own organic peanut butter for our kids’ nourishment, local consumption, and eventually for exportation.

We are extremely proud to be producing Manba (Haitian Creole for peanut butter) at The Future of Haiti Orphanage thanks to a donation from our UK FOHO team! Not only will this feed the children at FOHO, but it will also produce income for the orphanage. The ultimate goal of FOHO has always been to become self-sustainable, and we are well on our way to achieving this. However, supporting almost 100 children, and educating even more, has made it unavoidable to continually ask for support. There is a need for this help, and we cannot let the children down. This is why we work so hard to keep the Future of Haiti Orphanage and School running.

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This project made it's goal of 5,000.