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FOHO Children's Charity

Save A Child’s Life, Build A Bright Future

AN HONEST CHILDREN’S CHARITY–We might be biased at FOHO (Future of Haiti Organization), but based on our experience, we believe that we have attracted some of the finest human beings in little bodies on our Earth.

We see brilliant minds and willingness to work hard to better themselves, their families and their country. All of our children at FOHO come from below-poverty-level families–some are orphaned. Some have even been abandoned or voluntarily entrusted to us by families who could not afford to feed or educate them.

A lot of them have been living in destitute conditions in high-crime tent cities. Some have been living under a bridge by a river which washed all of their belongings away in a hurricane. There are those that have been abandoned in a hospital by a teenage mother, conceived through prostitution or rape. A few of them have lost their parents in the devastating earthquake of 2010 or in other natural catastrophes.

How We Are Different As A Non-Profit

Whereas many Haitian children (and adults) have left the country to find better opportunities, our goal is to create opportunities in Haiti for children.

It is important to raise these children’s self-esteem. We want to teach them not to run from their situations, but to face them, and change conditions for the better. They need to know they are important and are valuable members of society.  They also need to know that they are loved, and that someone, somewhere, is concerned about them and their future.

The “Sponsor A Child” Program

We have created an opportunity for you, through our “Sponsor A Child” program,  to be the hero in a child’s life.

Below you will see children who have not yet been 100%, fully sponsored and are needing help to have food, shelter and education. Please take a moment to learn about a child and donate whatever you can to help them out.

It takes just $2 per day to provide a child with food, shelter and education.

Why Sponsorship Is Important

It is a wonderful and rewarding experience to sponsor one or more children.  Many of our current Sponsors communicate directly with their child and experience a huge amount of love and gratitude.  Sponsoring a child is both a responsibility and a rewarding activity which will do much to rebuild Haiti’s future as a country. Donate to Haiti today and make a difference in a child’s life