Where Your Contributions Go:

At the Future of Haiti Organization , we believe that every person deserves a chance for a better life. You have the direct power to change someone’s life today. We are asking for donations to support our children, staff and programs in Haiti. Your critical donations go towards the support of providing the following items:

Teacher Salaries in Haiti: Our annual payroll budget for our entire teaching staff is $28,800.00, which is consistent with Haiti’s average pay rate of 1,500.00 Haitian Dollars or $100 – $150 USD per month.  Paying our teachers and keeping them happy is of paramount importance to FOHO, they are the boots on the ground whom are tasked with the most important aspect of our FOHO mission, which is to provide our students with the quality of educate needed to give them a better life. “Sponsor-A-Teacher” today.

(Note: There are NO paid staff in the United States; they all donate their time to FOHO as volunteers. This helps us to keep overhead costs to a minimum. Checkout “Our Financials”)

Education & School Supplies: The average cost to educate a child is $60 USD per month, you may make a general contribution towards the education of a child at any time or you may choose to sponsor a specific child/class with our “Sponsor-A-Child” program.






Room and Board: We have several “Campus Scholars” residing in the dormitories on campus.  These students require 24-hour surveillance, security and care. We have staff that remain on campus to care for these children. We provide the children with beds, mattresses, bedding, clothing and other items to give them a comfortable stay.


Food & Nutrition Supplements: We provide our children with three (3) meals per day. We have ongoing sponsorships with local charities that provide us with routine provisions, the remaining food supply it us to us. Feeding the children is one of our largest and most important – so we rely heavily on your contributions to ensure that the children are well fed. We have a garden on campus, which we plan to re-landscape and expand to better supplement the food needs of our campus.

Toiletries & Hygienic Supplies: With 150 – 300 children on our campus at any given time, it is extremely important that we maintain good hygiene. We welcome large in-kind donations of toiletries, towels, soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, hand-sanitizer, paper towels, shampoo, kid-friendly deodorant, body lotion, hair combs and brushes etc.


Routine Medical Care: We have an ongoing sponsorship with doctors based in the US to provide routine medical care to our children. But for everyday attention, we need First-Aid Kits, Band-Aids, common over the counter medicine, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, fragrant free soap, medical adhesive tape, hydrocortisone  crème, alcohol, peroxide, calamine lotion, thermometers, tweezers, bandage wraps etc.

Administrative cost: Miscellaneous administrative costs such as printing, internet services, utilities, BoD travel* to Haiti and other fees directly attributed to the cost of managing the organization.

(*Note: Travel for board members is limited and budgeted in advance – only staff required to visit Haiti – President & VP are accomodated)

Thanks to the generous donations from people like you, children in Haiti are able to attend school and have the bare necessities of food and shelter. We greatly appreciate your contribution!

Tax Exemption & Payment Processing:

Grodysh Int’l Inc. – FOHO is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible. No goods or services are provided in exchange for the donations we receive. Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your deductions.

Our donations are processed using PayPal®, a safe, secure method of making online payments.