At FOHO we follow Haiti’s standard 16-year curriculum which begins with 3 years of preschool activities, followed by 9 progressive grades of fundamental studies and concludes with 4 years of secondary education. Courses are taught in Haitian Kreyol and French; English and Spanish lessons are provided as electives.



Academically we emphasize the importance of Environmental Stewardship, Entrepreneurship and Economics. These 3 E’s are the pillars of excellence which we stand upon.



FOHO starts accepting students at nursery level (3 years old) and ends at pre-college level. We accept students age (3 – 12); enrollment begins in May and ends in August.

In 2017, our student body remained steady at approximately 150 students; we currently cap annual enrollment at 300 students.

At full capacity we hope to educate between 750 students daily, and continue to provide room and board to those in extreme need. Our expansion plans our contingent upon the completion of our new school construction. See the link to our “Build –A-School” fundraiser to learn more.



Our goal is to academically prepare FOHO students to achieve a 99 percent success rate on the 4 annual exams offered in October, December, March and June.

We hope for a 100 percent success rate on the official Haitian baccalaureate Exams and a minimum of 90 percent on the French baccalaureate exams.

Ultimately, we would like to award exceptional students with Post-Graduation scholarships to pursue College Level Studies and Trade School education in disciplines not currently offered at our school.



Preschool & Kindergarten Program Jardin d’enfant Age 3 to 5
Primary School Program  (Cycle 1) Ecole Primaire Fondamentale Grades 1st to 3rd
Primary School Program  (Cycle 2) Ecole Primaire Fondamentale Grades 4th to 6th
Secondary School Program  (Cycle 3) Ecole Primaire Fondamentale Grades 7th to 9th
High School Program Ecole Secondaire Grades 10th & 11th
Pre-College Program  (Bachelor 1 &2) Niveau Prè-Universitaire Rhèto & Philo



Certificate of Primary Studies Certificat ďEtudes Primaires
Certificate of Fundamental Studies Brevet ďEnseignement Fondamental
Elementary Certificate of First Cycle Brevet élémentaire du Premier Cycle
Certificate of Professional Education Certificat ďAptitude Professionelle
Advanced Certificate Brevet Supérieur
Baccalaureate Baccalauréat
Certificate of Completion of Classical Secondary Studies  (Part 1) Certificat de Fin d’Études Secondaire Classiques, Première Partie (Rètho)
Certificate of Completion of Classical Secondary Studies  (Part II) Certificate de Fin d’Études Secondaire, Deuxième Partie (Phito)



Parent-Teacher meetings are held quarterly to discuss student academic and social performance. Report cards are produced for record, and given directly to parents.

These meetings are held to set expectations and engage parents in supporting our efforts to keep the children focused and high performing throughout the year. It is important for the parents to understand this reporting system and maintain active communication with staff to ensure that the children benefit from the education we provide. It also instills a sense of respect and pride within the community, as parents who may not have been formally educated themselves are able to understand and appreciate the magnitude of their child’s personal growth.

We offer an after-school program, to ensure that none of our student are left behind. This is particularly important for late bloomers and the children whose parents were not able to provide them with formal education before their admission to FOHO.


Scale 1 Scale 2 Grade Description US Equivalent
80.00 – 100.00 8.00 – 10.00 Très Bien (Very Good) A
70.00 – 79.99 7.00 – 7.99 Bien (Good) B
60.00 – 69.99 6.00 – 6.99 Assez bien (Satisfactory) C
50.00 – 59.99 5.00 – 5.99 Passable (Sufficient) D
0.00 – 49.99 1.00 – 4.99 Mal (Fail) F



FOHO has a series of extracurricular programs that are offered to the children, based on availability of funding and collaboration with local professions. All extracurricular activities are designed to encourage creative exploration, gain exposure to entrepreneurship, build critical life skills, and raise self-esteem.

Activities and Projects include but are not limited to the following:

Arts & Crafts: Drawing, Painting, Collaging Cartooning and misc. crafts.


Fashion Club: Knitting, Sewing, Macramé and Fashion Design (TBD*)


Board Games: Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, Backgammon, Dominos, etc.


Financial Literacy Club: Intro to personal finance and entrepreneurship (TBD*)


Book Club & Library Helpers: Multi-tiered club design to encourage independent learning and reward high achievers. (TBD*)


Home Economics: Table Etiquette, Laundering, Cooking, and Home Care



Centering: Prayer and Meditation Time  (Faith based activities are directed by the child’s personal interests and family upbringing)


Martial Arts: Basic Tae Kwon Do and self-defense class




Dance: Haitian Traditional Folk Dance, Modern Dance and Freestyling (TBD*)


Peer to Peer Mentoring: Academic and social support group (TBD*)


Dorm Captains: Assist with maintaining standards of conduct and living for students residing on campus.


Soccer: Competitive Boys Soccer Team




Environmental Stewards: Gardening, agriculture, arboriculture, landscaping and recycling.(TBD*) STEM & Architecture Club: Partnership programs to expose students to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Architecture. (TBD*)


(TBD*) To be developed; indicates that the activity listed above currently exists at FOHO in some capacity. As part of our organization’s relaunching efforts, we plan to develop these programs in greater detail.