It is a wonderful and rewarding experience to sponsor one or more children.  Many of our current sponsors communicate directly with their sponsored child and experience a huge amount of love and gratitude. Sponsoring a child is both a responsibility and a rewarding activity which will do much to rebuild Haiti’s future as a country.


We have created an opportunity for you, through our “Sponsor-A-Child” program, to be the hero in a child’s life.

The following link, contains profiles and images for you will meet our children, connect with their personal stories and view their needs. All of our children are in need of some degree of sponsorship to cover the cost of their tuition, food, shelter and clothing. Please take a moment to learn about a child and donate to make a difference in their lives.

The monthly cost to educate, house and feed a child is just $60.00 USD. Imagine that for just $2.00 day you are directly changing a life, by providing a child with food, shelter and education. Donors are often celebrated on out social media platforms with messages directly from the children they support.

Our Sponsor a Child Page is currently under-construction (a link will be provided soon – in the meantime you may continue making regular donations via our DONATION page)


Our teachers are the backbone of our school, as a grassroots organization we are grateful to have a staff that is patient and understanding with the rate of our scalability. Our US based Board of Directors and Executive Staff are all 100% volunteer based, but our Haiti Staff is comprised of twenty (20) teachers who dedicate their knowledge and expertise to our student body during months when payroll is inconsistent. Our annual payroll budget for our entire teaching staff is $28,800.00 which is consistent with Haiti’s average pay rate of 1,500.00 Haitian dollars or $100-$150USD per month per teacher.

We kindly solicit your contributions to our staff salaries, and welcome partnerships with organizations that provide training and staffing to schools in Haiti.