We present these projects to you, as a means to help you better share in our vision for FOHO and encourage your continued support.  Here at FOHO we believe in creating opportunity for our students, and ultimately reducing their dependency on charity.


FOHO has a series of extracurricular programs that are offered to the children, based on availability of funding and collaboration with local professions. Our daily priorities are to educate, feed and shelter students in need and maintain monthly salary payment for our teachers and Haiti-based staff.

All extracurricular activities are designed to encourage creative exploration, gain exposure to entrepreneurship, build critical life skills, and raise self-esteem.

Programming activities include but are not limited to the following:

Arts & Crafts: Drawing, Painting, Collaging Cartooning and misc. crafts.

Board Games: Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, Backgammon, Dominos, etc.

Book Club & Library Helpers: Multi-tiered club design to encourage independent learning and reward high achievers. (TBD*)

Centering: Stillness Time (All faith-based activities are directed by the child’s personal interests and family upbringing.  Free-time is allotted for children to pray, mediate or simply reflect if they choose.)

Dance: Haitian Traditional Folk Dance, Modern Dance and Freestyling (TBD*)

Dorm Captains: Assist with maintaining standards of conduct and living for students residing on campus.

Environmental Stewards: Gardening, agriculture, arboriculture, landscaping and recycling. (TBD*)

Fashion Club: Knitting, Sewing, Macramé and Fashion Design (TBD*)

Financial Literacy Club: Intro to personal finance and entrepreneurship (TBD*)

Home Economics: Table Etiquette, Laundering, Cooking, and Home Care

Martial Arts: Basic Tae Kwon Do and self-defense class

Peer to Peer Mentoring: Academic and social support group (TBD*)

Recycle Program: As part of our overall mission to encourage sustainability we do our best to help usable items avoid the landfill by recycling and selling items that we collect specifically for this purpose. All funds raised through this effort are used to support our staffing and administrative needs at FOHO. If you have any old furniture, construction materials, recyclable plastics/metals and other materials that you would like to contribute to our recycle &resale program please contact us to schedule a pick-up appointment. info@futurehaiti.org.

*It is important to note that these items must be specified for this program. Typical in-kind donations such as toys, clothing, books, toiletries etc. are given directly to the staff and teachers for their intended use.

Soccer: Competitive Boys Soccer Team

STEM & Architecture Club: Partnership programs to expose students to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Architecture. (TBD*)

NOTE: (TBD*) To be developed; indicates that the activity listed above currently exists at FOHO in some capacity. As part of our organization’s relaunching efforts, we plan to develop these programs in greater detail.