Grodysh Int’l Inc. – Future of Haiti Organization (FOHO) is a grassroots non-profit 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization, incorporated with the State of Florida, dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished children and communities in Haiti. We provide shelter, food, and education to Haiti’s rising generation of leaders.


In the spirit of development without dependency, our mission is to provide the under-served children of Haiti with the education, confidence, and life skills required to lead prosperous lives both domestically and abroad. In doing so we hope to produce well-educated, well-adjusted students that will ultimately take on the tasks of rebuilding Haiti through effective thought leadership, creative problem solving, cultural sensitivity and national pride.


We believe in a disciplined and steady approach to developing impactful programs, a healthy learning environment and well-rounded children. We place tremendous value on self-sustainability, rigorous academics, creativity and entrepreneurship. We want to empower the youth through the validation of the local experience, by engaging local ownership, utilizing local resources, and implementing local solutions.

Many Haitians have been conditioned to think outside of Haiti for a better life; but in order for Haiti to truly prosper we must instill values of homegrown excellence. We must teach our youth not to run from Haiti’s challenges but to instead face them head on with courage, confidence and perseverance.  We want our students to feel empowered, valued and prepared to pursue their dreams and carry on Haiti’s great legacy.


GRODYSH – FOHO has a long history of non-profit work in Haiti. Our founder, Claude Reginald Jean began his humanitarian efforts in 1985. Check out Our History for an outline of over 30 years of service.