We might be biased, but we think that our FOHO (Future of Haiti Organization) children are some of the greatest people on Earth!  They exhibit brilliance and a willingness to work hard towards the improvement of their lives, and their country. All of our children at FOHO come from below poverty level families – some are orphans and others are abandoned by families who could not afford to feed or educate them.

We discourage abandonment by encouraging parents to remain active in their child’s life by visiting, participating in parent/teacher activities and maintaining communication. We refer to our children in dire need of food and housing as “Campus Scholars”, although some of them are in fact orphans we deem the term “orphan” to be dehumanizing and unhealthy for the positive development of young minds. We have a counselor and social worker that perform routine visits to address the unique needs of the orphaned children.

The majority of our students reside with their parents, but their families lack the resources to properly educate them, dress them and feed them. These “Off-Campus Scholars”, would not be able to afford a traditional private education in Haiti and certainly not the quality of education that we provide at FOHO.

Although some of these children are fortunate to have living family members, the harsh reality is that many of them live off-campus in destitute conditions of inadequate housing and high-crime neighborhoods. Their “homes” are typically located in makeshift villages and post-natural disaster tent camps. In extreme cases, we’ve had students come to us that were completely homeless, living under a bridge, sleeping on the street or abandoned at hospitals by young mothers who conceived them through rape and prostitution.

We appreciate your support and kindly ask that you consider sponsoring a child at FOHO! Your contribution makes a huge difference.