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About Djodson B.F.

Djodson is a very handy little boy who likes to work with his hands and put things together. Not surprisingly, he is fascinated by mechanics and dreams of someday become a great mechanic himself.  Djodson was born in Port-au-Prince on October 15, 2002.  He is a child who lived in a very difficult situation with his parents. Because of their economic distress, his parents were forced to entrust this sweet little boy to The Future Of Haiti Orphanage in 2011. He is now in the 2nd grade, and needs your help to continue his education. Sponsor him and give him the better future his parents were hoping for.  We need mechanics in Haiti, and Djodson needs you to continue on his path, and achieve his goals. He will surely offer you his unconditional love, and possible some innovative toy that he crafts. His opportunities are endless, but they all start in the same way, with you making a donation today!

Djodson B.F est né a Port-au- Prince le 15 Octobre 2002, il est le fils de Joseph B.F et de Kerline S. C’est un enfant en situation difficile qui vivait avec ses parents, vu le maigre revenu économique de ces deux, ils ont confier l’enfant à l’orphelinat LE FUTUR D’HAITI depuis 2011.Il est maintenant en 2ere Année Fondamentale. Il rêve de devenir un grand mecanicien . Nous avons besoin de lui et vous invitons à contribuer à son éducation et a son succès.


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Goal: $60/mo, Remaining: $60/mo

Help Me Reach My Goal

With $30 USD per month Djodson B.F. can have nutritious meals. Food costs $1/day. With an additional $30, Djodson B.F. can go to school. Please help Djodson B.F. reach the goal of having $60/month so that they can go to school and have an education.

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