Help Build Our Humanitarian School In Haiti!

After 5 years of relying on temporary classroom shelters to protect our 423 students from the elements at our humanitarian school in Haiti, we are forging ahead, despite lack of funds, to build a more permanent structure on the 1/2-acre we purchase 3 years ago: We are preparing the foundation of our future 2-story school, which will include a cafeteria and auditorium.  It’s a lofty goal, but one that is necessary for us to achieve […]

School Project Underway!

Our new humanitarian school has been designed and you can see the architect’s rendering here: It has been designed by Adrian Felix, wonderful Mexican architect working with Alta Tecnología Arquitectónica The school will be able to educate 1,000 students and has a cafeteria, conference room, laboratories and a library.   We are so excited with this beautiful structure now in our sight, and have begun fundraising efforts to build the structure on our existing land.  Our dream to […]

Custom-made Painting Benefits FOHO!

Fine artist Katia San Millan, who comes from a long line of Haitian painters,  has blessed us with a special painting that she sent specifically to raise funds for the Future Of Haiti Orphanage.  Here is what she had to say: “I painted it with the colors of my heart.  I call it ‘Sowing Hope.’  No more suffering, no more poverty, no more lack of self-esteem, just confidence in a better tomorrow because of the […]

Standing Room Only At Our Humanitarian Shool

School started a month ago at FOHO, but as you can see, we still have desks to build and school supplies and materials to purchase, as well as uniforms to purchase for some of the children.  Can you believe that children are STANDING while they are learning their lessons?  Help us provide the high quality education that these children deserve.  They want their education so badly, and work so hard, as they know it is […]