Fine artist Katia San Millan, who comes from a long line of Haitian painters,  has blessed us with a special painting that she sent specifically to raise funds for the Future Of Haiti Orphanage.  Here is what she had to say:

“I painted it with the colors of my heart.  I call it ‘Sowing Hope.’  No more suffering, no more poverty, no more lack of self-esteem, just confidence in a better tomorrow because of the gift of love they are receiving from people with a big heart like you guys!  They definitely are children of hope!”  – Katia San Millan

We are reluctantly offering it for sale in order to help provide a wonderful Christmas for our children and staff at FOHO.  We are asking a minimum donation of $2500, which will include shipping.  Seeing this painting in person is incredibly powerful as the strokes of love which comprise it are very powerful and impactful.

Are you the lucky individual who will have this incredible work of art grace your home, ministry or office?  Call Leslie at (727)365-3650 to arrange payment and shipment.  What a wonderful gift this is and will be for a lucky someone!


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