FOHO Founder and President Claude Reginald Jean has been in Haiti almost full time over the last few months preparing our humanitarian school for the new school year.

In May 2013, we did a casual survey to find out how many children in the surrounding neighborhoods were not in school, and wanted to attend our humanitarian school.  We were shocked.  The first day, we had 300 students wanting to attend!

We now have 423 students attending, including our 95 children at The Future Of Haiti Orphanage.

We have been busy building new desks/benches and temporary shelters to accommodate all the new students.

Anyone donating a desk can have their name on it to show our appreciation of their help and contribution.

Last week we completed a structure which contains 3 new kindergarten classes, each holding over 30 kids (so we have over 90 kindergarteners we are now educating).

After almost 4 years of feeling humiliated, our own children from The Future Of Haiti Orphanage have their own school uniforms.  Now they blend in with the other students who attend from outside.  They are so beautiful and proud!

We still need to build 15 more desks/benches (each one seats 4 children) at $50 each.

We also still need 3 more structures to accommodate all the students (at $1500 each).

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