Kathleen Eleta Suarez AKA “Kitty”

June 1, 1937 – April 19, 2016 

Creative and caring Kitty was a typesetter for the City of Newark in New Jersey. Kitty shared her home freely with relatives and friends who needed a break or just needed a change of scenery. She wanted people to be comfortable and she didn’t like confrontation. She wanted to make life peaceful for all that she cared about.

When my mom was very young she visited Haiti.  The time she spent there had a profound effect on her and she spoke of it many times in her life. The two things that affected her most were the poverty and the lack of freedom. She was shocked by the children begging in the streets and talked about the professional beggars who would cut off limbs to appear more pitiful. Mostly she felt for the children who would follow the tourists around begging for change.

This memorial is in dedication of her love and caring for those who need our help.

– Lisa Suarez Sewell

The Future Of Haiti Organization is building a humanitarian school that will serve 1,000 below-poverty-level children at a time (in two shifts per day).  Please donate generously in the name of Kathleen Suarez to keep her dream alive.

Amount: $ 



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