Berline is like a ray of sunshine. Her optimism and genuine confidence in a better future will make you think anything is possible. There is rarely a moment when you don’t see a smile on her face.  Her magnetizing energy and genuine joy contrast the difficulties she experienced as a child.  Berline’s background is far less than ideal. Born June 28, 2005 in Bon Repos, she is the daughter of Julienne and Chansy. Due to extreme poverty, her mother was forced to entrust her and her sister, Widerline, to The Future Of Haiti Orphanage on June 6, 2014.


Berline A est née le 28 juin 2005 à Bon Repos , elle est la fille de Julienne A et de Chansy.Elle vivait avec sa mere , faute de moyens, cette derniere la confie à l’orphelinat THE FUTURE OF HAITI dépuis le 6 juin 2014. elle est maintenant en 1ère Année Fondamentale elle rêve de devenir Medecin.