After 3 years from kindergarten basics. the generally 5 years old recipient is now ready to integrate the Fundamental study program equivalent to the Elementary plus Middle and High school in the United States of America.

It is a (9) nine years divided in (3) three cycles. After these nine years, our children will attend a state organised exam that ensure we are following the official curriculum for Haiti. Then if they succeed, as they fortunately always do, they complete their Fundamental education program which open the gates to the final (4) Four years program called secondary. This program has (4) four different orientations and the student will obtain an ( AA) Associated Degree sanctioned also by a State official exam.

First cycle.- The student masters

Year One:

Year Two:

Year three:

Second cycle.- The student masters

Year Four:

Year Five:

Year Six:

Third Cycle.- The student masters

Year Seven:

Year Eight:

Year Nine:

Students attend official State Exams!!