We are launching a new phase of promotion at Future of Haiti Organization. In order to spread the news in Haiti and to remind people that this beautiful country needs ongoing help, we will be working with Gravity Media to produce a series of short, yet informative videos.

The first few of the series will be geared towards activating the public about the need to help the children of Haiti. Many people do not realize that a mere $2 per day can provide essentials like food, shelter and a child’s schooling. A lot of times, we don’t realize the value of a single dollar or even two. But in countries like Haiti, a dollar can provide 3 meals a day to these wonderful kids who are making a real effort to survive in a hostile environment.

Imagine if 60 or even 100 people simply gave 2 dollars a day–that would mean that that many children could then begin to live their life with their attention on more important things like social reform, learning to cope with the world, helping others, doing something about their country, and more.

Here is the video. The message is short and to the point.


We need to raise awareness about Haiti. Many people believe that before the earthquake everything was just fine in Haiti. They do not know that FOHO has been around for almost 2 decades, helping the children via orphanages, school activities and fundraising.

The country has been dealing with poverty and social unrest for many, many years. We need to inject new life and energy into its population. WIth an economically oppressed nation at hand, it will start with channeling money into the country to be used with a good purpose. What better way to help this nation than to feed, shelter and educate its future leaders, artists and creators?

Many of the children who have been touched by the Future of Haiti Orphanage and Organization have gone on to become example Haitian citizens. Some have begun to change the condition of the world around them.

That is what we are trying to achieve. These videos will communicate that and much more.

If you would like to support this effort and donate to Haiti, please visit our donate page and make a contribution.

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