FOHO currently has 423 below-poverty-level students attending our humanitarian school.  Over 300 of our children were not previously in school (due to the lack of public schools in Haiti).  Many had never attended school before, starting 1st grade at age 10.  But since we believe that education is the key to success in life, we spend extra time catching them up after school and during the summer.

This year saw some spectacular results in our high-quality education.  Kindergarten in Haiti is a three-year program.  This year, twenty of our students graduated kindergarten.   This is considered a big milestone for them.  We had a full graduation ceremony with caps and gowns.  They were so  proud!  You can see some of them here:


Another fantastic piece of news is that we also sent 45 of our older students to take their National Exams (where it will be determined if they may pass onto their next level of education).  All the children from the orphanage passed!  This is absolutely incredible, and a real way to help Haiti!  If you want to help a child, there is no better way to do it, besides giving him an abundance of love, than to give him a great education.  Here are some of our happy graduates:

HappyGraduates2014 GraduatesWithCerts

Only $30/month can sponsor a child’s education (it’s only $1/day) – or you can sponsor both a child’s food and educate for $60/month.  Visit our “Children” page to see some of our children who are waiting for a Sponsor like YOU!

Believe it or not, these amazing results are occurring in make-shift classrooms where the kids are exposed to the elements.   In the next few months, FOHO plans to build an actual school with 13 classrooms, an administrative office, and a play area.  The cost to build this school is $250,000.  FaçadePrincipale PlanDeDistribution (2)We have had the schematic done, and you can see it here:

FaçadePrincipale FaçadePrincipale PlanDeDistribution (2)

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