IHTChalkboardBrokenThe Future of Haiti Organization has an emergency. Due to unforeseen conditions, FOHO (Future of Haiti Organization) is immediately requesting assistance to fundraise $20,000 for the FOHO Humanitarian School.

Unacceptable test results of Haitian students nationwide (except FOHO) has caused the Haiti government to announce that all schools will commence classes one month earlier this year than is normal; on September 8th schools will open instead of the usual October date.

As a result, FOHO will need to immediately raise a fund to deal with this unexpected expense, and to ensure that no Haitian child in our school is left out. We have chalkboards to replace, desks and chairs to build/repair, outdoor shelters (which serve as classrooms) to mend, uniforms and shoes to purchase, and much, much more.

The 423 students will be returning to school in less than two weeks, hence the urgency of the situation. Our budget to overcome this unexpected announcement is $20,000 USD of which $1,500 have already been raised.

FOHO Children Pass State Exams with Flying Colors

At FOHO we are making such a big deal about this because we know that our Humanitarian School is doing wonders. Just recently, our children of Haiti who attend the FOHO Humanitarian school took their state exams and much to our amazement, were the only children who passed, one for one. This was a tremendous accomplishment and was definitely brought about by the efforts of our sponsors and monthly donators.

Read more about this article: FOHO Children Pass State Exam with Flying Colors.

Donate Today to FOHO Humanitarian School

GraduatesWithCertsYour help is needed to allow us to prepare our school for another fabulous year with many more students passing their national exams. There are many expenses to pay, including the salaries of the teachers, who sometimes volunteer their time and effort without recompense out of the goodness of their hearts.

Everybody is making an effort to save this beautiful nation, which is full of children. In 2010, it was calculated that 36% of the Haitian population was composed of people under 15 years of age. Imagine a country of almost half its people, without education, suffering from poverty and lack of guidance–it doesn’t have to be that way.

It starts with individuals. By helping young children who still have a purpose, who are bright and eager to learn, we can make a difference in Haiti. They will become the future leaders, the artists, the dreamers and the creators of  a nation which will rise again and be proud of itself and its accomplishments.

Here is where we are at on our fundraising.

Please DONATE TODAY and let’s watch this thermometer rise until the goal is met.

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