Parveen Smith (center) and 2 of her UK FOHO team, Zoe Lloyd (right) and Ann-Marie Coulthurst (left) , made their very first trip to Haiti recently. They have worked for months to raise money for food and also to help with the teachers’ and staff pay at The Future Of Haiti Orphanage.

They brought tons of donated clothing, medical supplies (Zoe is a nurse), and toys for the children.  They purchased a water bottle for each child, and juice drink mixes to ensure each child stays hydrated.

Each of these three amazing women has sponsored a child (Ann-Marie has two) and they met them for the first time. While in Haiti, they also purchased party supplies, toys and fireworks and provided the children with hours of fun and entertainment, not to mention an abundance of love!

IMG_8199Is it our imagination, or does that fireworks image on the right not resemble the “I love you” symbol in American sign language?   Very appropriate, as our “abundance of love” philosophy underlies everything we do to help Haitian children and families.

IMG_8125Parveen and her team are already planning their next trip to Haiti!  We thank the entire UK FOHO team for all their hard work and support to help feed our children in Haiti as well as to give them a great foundation as our future leaders of Haiti.

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