Meet the new rock star and voice of a Future Haiti full of hope. Jennyflore would sing her biography to you, if she could. She dreams of becoming a singer and changing the world one song at a time. This beautiful and incredibly smart 2nd grader is very passionate about learning new things and takes every opportunity to sing, not only the songs of her native country, Haiti, but also American hit songs that she hears on the radio. Her English is far from perfect, but her voice is strong and moving. She has a very positive attitude and when kids around her are sad, she usually sings them a song. She believes everything can be solved through music. Jennyflore was born on June 24th,  2007 in Tabarre. She is the daughter of Marc Edeler T and Roselande G. She is a child who lived in a very difficult situation with her parents, who, seeing their desperate economic situation,  entrusted her to The Future OF Haiti Orphanage on Feb. 17, 2014.

Sponsor Jennyflore today and help her follow her dreams. With food and good education, there is nothing stopping this little lady from making Haiti dance to her songs. Be her number one fan!

Jennyflore est nee le 24 juin a Tabarre, elle est la fille de Marc Edeler T et de Roselande G. C’est un enfant en situation difficile qui vivait avec ses parents, vu le maigre revenu économique de ces deux, ils ont dû confier l’enfant à l’orphelinat LE FUTUR D’HAITI depuis le 17 Fevrier 2014.Elle est maintenant en 2ème Année kindergarten . Elle rêve de devenir chanteuse. Nous avons besoin d’elle et vous invitons à contribuer à son éducation et a son succès.