We are implementing the construction of our school building project that will consolidate our innovative vision real efficient education for our children. A new foundation is being laid out already for our first module. Our modular conception of the building will allow us to start operating the building partially throughout the entire construction process.

Phase 1 will allow us to start the secondary section that is the 4 final levels known as NS-1-2-3 and 4. Phase 2 will shelter the previous section known as “fondamental lII”. Phase 3 will accommodate the sections “Fondamental I and II”. Phase 4 will be for the 3 years of kindergarten. Phase 5 will be the creation of our library, laboratories and conference chapel. Finally Phase 6 will be the construction of our trade facility where our children and eventually student from our vicinities will learn professional skills such: accounting, administration, secretarial, computer sciences, domestic and industrial electricity, plumbing, hotelry, interpretariat, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, nursing, etc.

Until we can move into our better facility on our 1/2-acre next door we appreciate your support helping us restaure our old temporary school shelter,  prepare the benches, desks/chairs, fix new chalkboards,  buy textbooks and school supplies, etc.

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