Loubens is a shy and quiet child. When in class, he is very observant and polite in his interactions with the other children. This is not surprising given his rough early childhood.  He was born on February 3rd 2009 and lived in extreme poverty, witnessing more terrible things than any child should ever have to. Due to poor conditions, his parents decided to put this wonderful child in The Future of Haiti Orphanage. Loubens dreams of becoming a law enforcement agent to protect the children and families of Haiti. He doesn’t think that he has to be a tough person, just an educated one, in order to achieve this goal. Help this little boy in his fight for creating a better future for the children of Haiti. Sponsor his food and education and see how this shy boy’s voice can be louder than anyone else’s who say there is no hope for Haiti. Be a hero not just for Loubens, but for all the kids in Haiti!


Loubens est ne le 3 fevrier 2009, c’est un enfant en situation difficile, il vivait avec ses parents, vu les difficultés économiques de ces derniers ils ont dû le confier à l’orphelinat LE FUTUR D’HAITI pour qu’il puisse avoir une meilleure condition de vie.Il reve de devenir un agent de l’ordre.