Our onsite humanitarian school is providing quality education for both the children at The Future Of Haiti Orphanage, and also for below-poverty-level children from surrounding neighborhoods.  When available we also provide one hot meal per day to all students.  We  offer full education from kindergarten up to high school level. In the future we are planning to complete our education system with many different trades and higher studies for the scholars.

Upon completion of high school, for the moment, our children are sent out to professional schools where they are taught a trade or profession, so that they can, not only be independent, but can also create opportunities for others in their environment.  We teach, inclusive to the curriculum, the basics about civism, ethics and morals to encourage the children to become responsible citizens who will contribute to and improve their country.  The children are also learning how to design and maintain gardens, grow organic foods and nurse trees so to participate in  reforestation projects for Haiti.  Our children also support by doing community services such as street cleaning and hospital volunteer sanitation.

Our students every year pass their National Exams 100% as to continue onto the next higher level of education! This is in spite of being schooled outside in temporary shelters, exposed to the elements. We have build a solid reputation for our quality teaching.

We have just begun laying the foundation for our new, permanent school building.  It will accommodate 500 students at a time, and will be available after hours for second vacation with another group of 500 students in the afternoon. A special evening program will allow working adults to be educated on line under our teachers supervision in our Computers Lab.  This is a lofty project, estimated at $500K, and your help is needed: Donate

Our children at the orphanage receive free education that is sponsored by our donors and the small contribution the students from our vicinities are requested as an exchange for our services donated to them. Being able to offer a higher standard environment will allow us to receive more student and raise funding for our self sustainability. Donations to our 501 (c) 3 Charitable nonprofit are tax-deductible and can be mailed DBA FOHO at 411 Cleveland Street, Suite 248, Clearwater FL 33755 or donated at BuildASchoolInHaiti.org .

Below here are the engineer’s renderings for our new school, which is being built gradually and hopefully soon to be ready with your generous and consistent support  to accommodate our students:

 SchoolBlueprint3DIHT SchoolBlueprintFrontIHT